A chance to vote

Even PAP Chairman and cabinet minister Lim Boon Heng agreed that “the uncontested constituency is likely to be the exception rather than the norm” in the next elections.


Of course it remains to be seen if the opposition parties can muster sufficient candidates for all constituencies. But they look promising enough. It’d be extremely disappointing if on Nomination Day S’poreans find out they are blowing hot air all the while.


I think elections will be held somewhere between March and June. And I’ll turn 21 next February, so I might have a chance to vote if my GRC is contested. I think I’d be very, very lucky to exercise this right, because many S’poreans have been denied it for years due to walkovers in several constituencies.


Now, if we can care so much about our personal stuff like, let’s say, cameras, such that we surf the Net for research, compare prices in the newspapers, ask for advice from friends, browse through online forums, pick up brochures, talk to sales assistants AND still remain undecided which camera to purchase, then I don’t see why S’poreans shouldn’t spend the same amount of effort, if not more, to decide which political party to vote.


The elected MP in his municipal role will take care of your housing estate, collect S&C fees and upgrade facilities ranging from void decks to lifts. In Parliament, he is duty-bound to represent the views of his constituents, vote on policies which affect your life and offer alternative proposals to better S’pore.


Obviously not all he represents means anything to you, but one day if you want someone to represent your interest, then that person better be someone who can do it right and do it fast. You keep thinking of your future, which university to enter, which career, which boyfriend etc, but I think choosing a government is possibly far more meaningful. Choosing a govt is to profess a set of ideas.


Hmm I’m not going to say more, but now in my spare time instead of surfing the Net for games and videos, I’ve looked at the political parties in S’pore which have made a strong online presence. Like I said, if I can do so much research to build my personal desktop, I don’t see why I shouldn’t make the effort to do so for elections. Maybe you don’t care, but I think I care who runs my country.


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